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Our Legacy

Service begins in valuing every finite detail, and it extends to the continuity of the client's satisfaction: this is the measure of KP Interiors' success. Often when a home is under construction, deadlines must change based on the homeowner's need to leave a lease or meet a closing. The recent past at KP Interiors included a new home which was 95% complete, but that can be an extraordinary number of items when the home is 13,000 square feet. Inevitably, timing required the homeowner to move in the weekend before Thanksgiving. In order to take the pressure off the holiday and welcome the client into thier new home, KP Interiors offered to cater Thanksgiving. Kathryn Platt, founding principle of the 27 year-old Oldwick based firm, quipped with a humble smile, "Not only does the client still use that caterer 5 years later, but we have established a relationship that has included the design of an additional home. Equal to meeting the client's needs we earned the honor of a new friendship."

  • Space is made by the people you bring into it
  • Every space has potential
  • Defining the scope of work at the beginning of the process is the foundation of a successful project

This is Kathryn, she loves to make people happy.

Kathryn Tafaro Platt is a native southerner. Her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee is where the old south and the city meet in a style which imbues sophistication and grace. Residential and corporate design services available, call today for a personal consultation.

“we believe service is as much about managing relationships and interpreting needs as design and decorating excellence.”

–kathryn Tafaro platt